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Our Solutions enhance the internal reporting process with fuzzy matching, data list cleansing and much more.

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Company Profile

Our Solution improves your internal reporting process with partial matching and cleaning of your databases.
One of the largest independently owned banks in the United States, with over $6 billion in assets and business in all 50 states. Founded in the mid-20th century, personalized with the motto “Happy Employees, Happy Customers!”, as part of the core value of providing unparalleled personal service, with which they sought to obtain a consolidated and holistic view of their clients. At the heart of this initiative is the goal of understanding customers’ relationship with the bank and using this knowledge to deliver better and more personalized experiences.

Business use case

As a private entity, it deals with many partners, suppliers and dozens of service lines; from mortgages to insurance, from retirement to wealth management and many more. Each of these services has their respective core platforms, data models, and client repositories. For example, if Client A has a mortgage, insurance, and 401K plan with the bank, their information is stored on three different platforms, and each platform has its own data requirements.

With information stored in disparate and siled data sources, it is difficult for the bank to gain a single, consolidated view of its customers; Not to mention, you also have to incur unnecessary expenses as a result of sending multiple emails to a vendor or customer. This disjointed view affects business operations, service, and the customer experience.

Our Solution!

  • Integrate data from different sources, as well as multiple database technologies, into software for direct data processing and collation.
  • Compare and group the records of all customer deposits believed to be from the same entity.
  • Implement a data quality management plan easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


+20 Millones de Registros

Perfilados, Preparados y Depurados.

+ 10 Fuentes
de datos integradas

Una vista Única centralizada

vista segura de cliente único 360°

OFAC (Interpol) CSV (Impuestos) SQL (Clientes) JSON (peticiones)

Why Datos Mestros ™?

It is very simple, our solutions, it is easy to use since it allows the user (any sector) to manage their data effectively, we have shown to find approximately 7-15% more matches with respect to leading companies in the market.

Let Datos Maestros™ be your partner in your next data quality initiative.

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