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Marketers confirm that data personalization is vital to customer acquisition and retention.

The Effect of Data Quality on Return on Investment in Marketing

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Create a 360° customer experience

Collect all the data of your ideal client between online or physical searches and purchases, support inquiries, social networks and other platforms with which your client interacts.

At Datos Maestros™ we help you with their integration, organization and filtering, making data that does not have structure, validation, reliable sources or adequate nomenclature, guaranteed quality and effective data so that you can find your clients 360° of trust and generate personalized experiences.

The importance of organizing your data

Marketing professionals confirm that data personalization is vital to customer acquisition and retention, such “data personalization” has gone far beyond the combination of emails collected from years past, you have to perform a detailed data collection of different sources that complete a master database.

Modern consumers expect companies to understand and anticipate their needs by offering not only relevant communication, but much more tailored products and services.

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Increase your sales effectively

Data is the foundation of any brand’s ability to meet new customer needs. The organization’s attitude towards data, its management of the growing influx of data and its ability to enrich it is key to obtaining tangible information that can be used, some of the advantages of improving data quality are:

  • Improve Accuracy = Improve ROI
  • Work to reduce errors and inconsistencies.
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CUBO iQ offers the following added values:

Put your customers first

See a complete view of your customers’ interactions, preferences and attitudes so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience! 

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Integration with your pre-existing tools and software :

We integrate enriched data with your preexisting tools and workflow for your team to have easy to access data that is processable and that yields real measurable results. 

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