Datos Maestros™

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Save 30 to 80% of time Wrangling Big Data


Interoperate between data from many different sources, such as flat files, relational databases, cloud storage, and APIs. Connect and match.

By recognizing blank values, types of errors in fields, recurring trends, and other descriptive information, you can instantly gain a 360-degree view of your data quality.

Apply repeatable business rules with regular expressions and no-code best practices for optimal clean data

Fuzzy Match and combine data with proprietary algorithms and find never-before-seen relationships

Get a holistic view of all your data no matter where it resides and make decisions like the experts

Why pay more for the same 15 year old techstack?

Entity Resolution for MDM • PIM • CDM • ERP • AML • KYC • PEP • OFAC

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