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Our Solutions enhance the internal reporting process with fuzzy matching, data list cleansing and much more.

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Company Profile

Since 2011, a leading provider of healthcare solutions has been facilitating the business of healthcare for its growing list of healthcare partners. The healthcare mid-cycle revenue product portfolio is one of the healthcare industry’s best solutions for providing visibility and continuity in billing management, documentation, charge capture and regulatory code references.

Business use case

The organization needed to classify a large amount of medical terminology across multiple data sets, but had been doing the process manually, slowing things down. Their goal was to automate the process faster and more consistently. Since accuracy is such an important part of their business, maintaining a high level of standardization was also very important to the healthcare entity, it was essential to have a data software tool that could apply rules and definitions to the information. in a generalized way.

Our Solution!

  • DataMaestros™ provided a faster and more efficient solution to the health care entity. The company was able to run a large number of medical terms across its varied data sets by automating the process they previously performed manually and applying rules and definitions more easily and at a larger scale.
  • MasterData™ provided a faster and more efficient solution.
  • The company increased the level of standardization never before achieved.
  • Significantly improves the speed of the process.


Merge and match records from multiple lists, thanks to the Data Maestros™ tools, the company was able to have a level of standardization never before achieved with the manual process. They also significantly improved the speed with which they reviewed their data.

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It is very simple, our solutions, it is easy to use since it allows the user (any sector) to manage their data effectively, we have shown to find approximately 7-15% more matches with respect to leading companies in the market.

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