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Ensure mission-critical enterprise data initiatives by cleaning, standardizing, and matching your data in Batch or Real Time!

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Why Choose DatosMaestros™ ?

“Datos Maestros” is spanish for Master Data and thats all we know. With over 40 years of combined experience, accross 40 countries and more than 400 system integrations under our belt, we have seen the good the bad and the ugly. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about data quality.

Why pay more for less, our unicorn business model allows a one man band and small to medium companies pay on the go, with credits or our pay per match check out options. For the the big dogs we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and can count on the best bang for your buck with guaranteed lowest price without loosing our Fortune 500 memory.


With Our All-in-One Data Quality Solution Spend Less Time Cleaning & Matching Data

With drag and drop workflows, and 40+ reusable blocks for profiling, validating, matching and fixing enterprise data elements, CUBO iQ® software engages both business and technical users. It consistently improves the quality of data anywhere it enters your data stack, on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud data. Use the CUBO iQ® solution as a standalone product, or take advantage of its web APIs to improve the effectiveness of your integration, migration, BI, analytics, AI/ML, and MDM initiatives.

CUBO iQ® Benefits:

CUBO iQ® Capabilities

Data Quality in 0 to 60

Clean, standardize, fuzzy match, Deduplicate any data to guarantee mission-critical enterprise data quality. Utilize your data with confidence and for maximum profit with proprietary algorithms

Drag and Drop Intuitive GUI

Empower users by providing them with straightforward user interfaces to profile datasets, accept or reject data quality rules from the out of the box no code business rules for data quality analysis.

Master Data Management

Single multi-domain master data management solution created for business users, you can share, manage, and administer all of your important data assets, including master, reference, and meta data..

Data Integration

Meet company objectives, connect disparate and disconnected data across hybrid environments. Increase productivity, efficiency, creativity, and growth while resolving company issues and cutting costs.

No Code / Low Code

Intuitive interface without need of coding skills to simplify the design and implementation of data-integration tasks, allowing commercial users to control their complex data management process without needing actual IT intervention.

APis & Web Services

Easy to integrate scalable APIs and web services to integrate with the CUBO iQ engine for profiling, categorization, and cleansing rules will raise the quality of enterprise applications.

Why Work With Datos Maestros™?

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Data is all we know!

Discover How Datos Maestros™ Can Make You an Industry Leader

Looking For a One Time Quick and Professional Service?

We churn High-quality data data can be seamlessly used by BI tools, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists for making smarter and better data-driven decisions either on our end or via remote desktop with CUBO iQ® SaaS allowing you to use Fortune 500 software and our experts.

How To Apply Our Data Quality Tools in Your Industry?
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