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The effects of data quality on the government, environment, and public sectors.

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Data and Analysis

With Datos Maestros™ your agency will be able to leverage CUBO iQ, our dynamic and flexible solution, to help streamline any business intelligence, development, and/or distribution processes across all your departments. This high-value, low-risk approach to developing business intelligence and analytics solutions is based on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, not on the terms and conditions of a contract. We start by identifying a mission-critical challenge and then launching a rapid prototyping process to quickly show value and to ensure a buy-in from internal stakeholders. Our focus is on the business use case, not on the technology. 

Justice and Public Safety

The national, state as well as local, justice, and public safety ecosystems consist of numerous multifaceted agencies. Effective operation of this sophisticated ecosystems requires complex orchestration of digital assets across all agencies. Datos Maestros™ enables public safety agencies to achieve their business imperatives by ensuring they have reliable and instant access to the data they need to make the right decisions at the right time. 

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Licenses and Regulations

State and local organizations are looking for state-of-the-art enterprise licensing solutions to help them meet their goals of transforming the process of licensing, certification, and interaction with the participants and stakeholders involved in those activities. Datos Maestros™ specializes itself in providing flexible, scalable, and configurable solutions to support the licensing, certification, and regulatory needs of a broad set of entities across multiple agencies. 

Application Modernization

Many government organizations have an imminent need to modernize and re-platform a wide range of legacy government applications. Running on obsolete legacy systems, these applications are substantially inefficient, costly and present high security risks. Datos Maestros™ helps you modernize applications faster by bringing together everything an organization needs to run more efficiently, including products, services and third-party applications. 

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Exceed your Citizen 360° expectations

Datos Maestros™ Digital Government solutions enable you to: 

  • Clean, standardize and validate data. 
  • Link Information to provide new insights into the way citizens relate to their government, taxes, health, pension, public services, employment, and all sorts of relationships. 
  • Establish connections through any data source, inside or outside your organization. 
  • Enhance internal data with external data, providing more context. 
  • Standardize data governance and exception handling. 
  • Visualize relationships with maps and graph databases. 
  • Integrate new insights into pre-existing processes and workflows. 


Promoting the country’s transformation to function as a single institution that provides citizens with services such as timely information, agile procedures, and better services, all while allowing public entities to be more sustainable (socially, economically and environmentally),more efficient, and more effective in contributing to the improvement of the quality of services provided to citizens through the use of technology. 

what are the benefits to data matching tools?
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CUBO iQ offers the following added values:

Put your customers first

See a complete view of your customers’ interactions, preferences and attitudes so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience! 

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