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Capitalizing on our in-depth knowledge and experience gained from working on a variety of migration, integration and data management projects, we offer customized implementation solutions that are based on a corporation’s unique needs and challenges, as a result, our implementation and support solutions help you to: 

Reduce Costs

Minimize Risks

Increase Value

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Data Enrichment

Our data management experts use advanced data enrichment techniques to combine relevant data from various sources, filling information gaps with high-clarity information. At every step of the data enrichment process, our platform ensures that data accuracy is maintained at all times in order to have reliable information.
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Data Deduplication

With our data cleansing services we manage to get rid of duplicate or redundant data, helping you streamline your processes, which will eventually lead to better results. With Datos Maestros™ you will have access to all of our resources, technologies, and expertise, in order to establish a better relationship with your own data.
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Data Standardization

With the data standardization service, homogenize your data into a single, common format, save precious time and resources on having to outsource a team of analysts and data managers, by offering you intuitive and user-friendly services that will allow you to carry out these complex processes with greater precision and with customized consulting solutions at an affordable price.
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Data Normalization

With our data normalization services, organize and structure data to guarantee a logical and uniform storage. Address inconsistencies in your database, dirty data, and tackle any possible inconsistencies in your database. Also deal with erroneous or junk data and keep records clean, usable, consistent and meaningful.
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Data Cleansing

Get rid of all inconsistent, duplicate, and incorrect information while keeping your data up to date and organized. Standardize dirty data to improve quality in reporting, analysis and more. At Datos Maestros™ we are fully equipped to help you uncover the opportunities to exploit your data intelligently, we have the best strategies for data cleansing and data management.
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Data verification and validation

With our Datos Maestros™ verification and validation services, keep your market data lists up-to-date, accurate and relevant, achieve up to 60% cost savings, 97% accuracy on your data, and up to twice the speed of processing. processing of your data, amplifying the utility cost - benefit of your data.
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Database Maintenance

With Datos Maestros™ identify redundancies and fix any issues accurately and quickly to maintain a healthy database, following a holistic approach. We help you create, maintain and update your databases of customers, records, products or transactions, improving your operational efficiency and reducing risks.
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Data Abstraction

Datos Maestros™ offers you a variety of data abstraction services by summarizing the key points and maintaining the complete fidelity of all your critical data. We pay close attention to the requirements that the client gives us, we provide solutions that meet all expectations, and that can even exceed initial objectives. (web services, web crawling, mining, APIs, Data Matching and more).
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Data Analytics

With our Data Analytics solutions you will be able to boost your operational excellence, we help companies modernize their analytics process through innovative business intelligence approaches, data architecture, a precise stack of solutions, personalized assistance, and dedicated work teams, transforming your data into operational and competitive advantages.
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Mailing List Cleansing

Our mailing list cleaning services fix all potential recipient problems in one go. Reduce bounced emails, build your brand image and improve your results with our Email list cleaning services. A clean, accurate and up-to-date mailing list is a tedious task, but it is extremely important for successful marketing campaigns.
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Price Monitoring

Our services allow you to acquire accurate data, thanks to the fact that all the information regarding pricing is updated and in real time. NetRetail pulls prices once a day, however if your project requires a higher frequency of pull, netRetail can accommodate your needs.
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SKUs, Products and Materials Cleansing

Our SKU, product and material cleaning services allow you to have a holistic view of inventories, product catalogs and more, using smart dictionaries to avoid outdated inventory and unmonitored manuals. Get a product master view in minutes with our ontology, hierarchy, and taxonomy experts.

Three ways, one goal!

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We do it for you

Let our team of experts support your initiatives and rest easy knowing that more than 40 years of experience are at the helm with milestones, punctual deliveries and Time Schedules.

Options to install our innovative tool on-premise and our experts work remotely or send us your data by encrypted FTP and we take care of it

  • SLA
  • NDA
  • Hired Data Scientists

We do it with you

Two are better than one, our experts together with your experts gathered remotely, to work together on your data, in real time to apply cleaning initiatives to your liking.

  • SLA
  • NDA
  • Hired Data Scientists
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Do it for you

Skip ahead 5 years in 5 hours or less! Take advantage of our powerful software and implement our innovative plans:

  • SaaS models (pay per find)
  • Monthly
  • Annuals
  • Rent Software for Hours

Data is all we know!

Our team has a collective experience participating in more than 40data integrations in more than 40 countries, and transforming more than one billion registers. 

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Profesional Solutions

Get your solution up and running efficiently with our professional services that combine the deep technical expertise and experience of our product experts to help you achieve desired results faster.

Many state organizations have an imminent need to modernize and replatform a wide range of legacy state applications. Running on outdated legacy systems, these applications are substantially inefficient, expensive, and pose high security risks. Application modernization is an established approach that helps customers leverage microservices, serverless architecture, and containers to remove huge dependencies within products and create smaller, more independent components.

Containers help modernize applications faster by bringing together everything an organization needs to run more efficiently, including third-party products, services, and applications. Organizations can take advantage of advanced cloud services, such as DevOps and the API framework, to improve scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness by adding new capabilities to their mission-critical software. Our solutions enable greater agility, faster innovation, quick and easy access to data leading to better decisions and value for customers.

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Reliable data are the basis of good business decisions!
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Allow our specialized team to carry out a free on-premise diagnosis of the health of your data, without obligation!

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Value Proposal Presentation

With Datos Maestros™ services boost Big Data initiatives in hours, with SaaS business models revolutionizing the Industry!

Integration with your pre-existing tools and software:

We integrate enriched data with your preexisting tools and workflow for your team to have easy to access data that is processable and that yields real measurable results. 

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