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Our Data Normalization Services

Data normalization is the process of organizing and structuring data to ensure consistent and logical storage. With our data normalization services, your organization can address inconsistencies in your database, deal with bad or garbage data, and keep data records clean, usable, consistent, and valuable.

En Datos Maestros™ offers you a wide range of data normalization services, designed to streamline your operational efficiency:







Digital Media





Human Resources

Datos Maestros™ will help you get the most out of your data and boost your marketing efforts, all while saving time and money.

  • Eliminate redundancies
  • Resolve conflicts between datasets
  • Format databases
  • Consolidate and strengthen your data
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Structural inconsistencies in your database can cause problems when collecting the desired information, as well as unnecessary delays in the decision-making processes in your company. Data normalization not only eliminates all possible discrepancies in your database, but also makes it easy to use as a source of key information. More importantly, it saves you a lot of data storage space by eradicating all the duplicates. Carrying out this procedure on your own requires a lot of work and resources, something that can be expensive, and that can affect your productivity. Entrusting this process to Datos Maestros™ will not only be quite cost effective for you, but will also give you the benefits of having a solution tailored to your needs.

Datos Maestros™ as your first choice in Data Normalization

DatosMaestros™ offers data normalization services for a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience, and our intuitive platform, will keep your database relevant and accurate for your business analysis, and for more effective transactions. Datos Maestros™ has hands-on experience cleaning, formatting, standardizing, verifying, and validating compendium data. Our experts can collate data from a wide variety of source sources in order to standardize those sources to meet your business needs.

Our Data Normalization process:

The purpose of our data normalization services is to minimize duplicate or redundant “search entries”. Our platform and experts follow a meticulous process to avoid entity modification issues. Our process involves three main steps:

Data Normalization Services

First normal form

In this step, the data collected in your database is gathered and stored in a “relationship table”. In that table, each column value is added.

Second normal form

In this data normalization step, the table is first in the normalization phase, and all its columns depend on the primary key that the table has.

Third normal form

While Datos Maestros™ is in the middle of normalizing your data, it is also making sure that this process is in “Second Normal Form” mode and that all columns in your entity are not transitively dependent on the primary key.

Our experts adhere to this process regardless of the size of the data normalization project. With this approach, Datos Maestros™ has the ability to provide the best results to its clients.

Extract, normalize and turn clean data into sound and intelligent business decisions using Datos Maestros™

When our data normalization services are executed early in your workflow, your marketing returns have the potential to improve astronomically. At the same time, data normalization is highly beneficial for successfully completing custom analyses, while using consistent data.

Use Datos Maestros™ for your needs and requirements in Data Normalization

With our innovative, intuitive, reliable, and quality platform, we will help you manage and understand your compendium of collected data in the most effective and lucrative way.

  • 40 years of combined experience
  • Efficiency and cost reduction, it is a platform that does not require the subcontracting of personnel in data management to obtain the best results.
  • Consulting with our data management experts
  • Diligent and dedicated project managers
  • Personalized assistance
  • 97% accuracy
  • Between 60-75% reduction in costs
  • Intuitive, flexible and technologically advanced platform
  • Platform expandable and adaptable to all your needs
  • Strict quality controls

We want to know your needs in Data Management

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