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Our Data Standardization Services

Data standardization is the process of homogenizing your data into a single, common format. This intricate process requires an efficient and powerful solution when it comes to processing searches, analysis, and the latest data standardization methodologies. With Datos Maestros™ save valuable time and resources in having to outsource a team of analysts and data managers, as we offer you intuitive and easy-to-use services that will allow you to carry out these complex processes with greater precision, we also offer you solutions for personalized consulting at an affordable price.

Datos Maestros™ offers you a wide range of data standardization services, designed to streamline your operational efficiency:







Digital Media





Human Resources

Why do I need Data Standardization Services?

All databases need data that is non-contradictory, consistent, and replicable. Your data shouldn’t be “bumping” into each other, it should be easy to access, easy to retrieve, and easy to view. Standardized data means better replicability, and hence a seamless and problem-free search of your database.

Using our CUBO iQ tool is a cost effective and impactful way to achieve stability in your company’s databases.


Datos Maestros™, Your Trusted Partner in Data Standardization

Datos Maestros™ has a good reputation in developing and managing data management platforms, we have 40 years of collective experience in data management. Over the years, we have helped many companies maintain the quality of their databases. We have a reliable and robust team of data management experts who can convert a wide variety of datasets to CDM (canonical data models), a type of data model that reveals data entities and their respective relationships from the simplest way possible.

Datos Maestros™ can help you perform detailed data standardization, thereby eliminating inconsistencies in your database, and in turn, can help you control how those search results are displayed. We are experienced in the correct collection of search results, phrases, or particular attributes when you decide to examine or investigate your database. For example, your database may have multiple alternate results for the word “co-founder” such as, “co-founder”, or errors such as “co-founder”, etc. We can help you standardize all those results.

Our variety of Data Standardization services

Standardized data must work effectively with other applications and systems in your organization, such as CRM systems, ERP, MDM, eCommerce platforms, and more. Datos Mestros™ brings together the latest technological advances in data matching, data cleansing, smart naming and data scrubbing, is equipped with a comprehensive system of data standardization functions.

By employing our advanced data management capabilities, we can standardize your data no matter what your domain is.

Diverse Processing of Data Sources

Data Standardization Services

Our customized Data Standardization services include:

  • Case-by-case formatting
  • Corporate name standardization
  • Standardization of names of states, departments, provinces, and countries.
  • Reconstruction and analysis of “proper names”
  • Contact data validations
  • Standardization of titles, positions, or job positions.
  • Standardization of brand names
  • Standardization of financial data
  • Manufacturing data standardization
  • Business data standardization
  • Prefix standardization
  • Catalog standardization
  • Standardization of materials, supplies, and supplies.

The Data Standardization techniques and processes used byDatos Maestros™

Data standardization is the process of structuring data that comes from various sources into a common format. At Datos Maestros™ we achieve this goal through an agile and intuitive data management platform that uses tested, proven, and reliable algorithms and systems.

Our Data Standardization Process is designed to provide you with:

  • Reliable and accurate data
  • Data that meets all the requirements set by you
  • cooperative research
  • Large scale analysis

The process involves the use of data normalization, text conversion, product and item identification, etc. The service follows a prearranged path, making sure to comply with all international standards for data handling, protection, and formatting.

Data Origin Audit

Datos Maestros™ Begins data standardization by conducting an audit of all your data sources. Each flow of information from various sources that reaches your company is studied, and the real needs of your business are listed. Datos Maestros™ identifies the type of origin, type of data, and frequency of arrival.

Data Source Standardization

The first technique is to inspect the source of your data, by auditing and fixing your points of contact of interest, thus ensuring that the results received by the platform meet the predetermined standards initially set by you.

Standard Data Identification

The next step involves brainstorming between you and our consulting team. The goal is to agree on a uniform data structure standard that is capable of achieving your goals, that is compatible with all of your data sources, and that accommodates the volume, variety, and speed of arrival of data. as well as being adaptable and expandable to the future needs of your business.

Database Standardization:

Database standardization is an internal process where we go through all the data already collected in your system and convert it to a uniform format, ensuring that your entire team can see, interpret, and analyze similar data “fields.”

Why is Data Standardization important for my business?

The data standardization offered by Datos Maestros™ converts all of your legacy data, upcoming data, and data sources into a unified format. This will help you maintain operational excellence and maintain a number of key data management capabilities, including:

  • All your data sources and arrivals in one place
  • All data requirements placed by your investors combined and in compliance
  • Organized data from external and internal source sources
  • Good standardization and organization of data, better control
  • An exceptional potential to carry out any data analysis required.

Use Datos Maestros™ for your needs and requirements in Data Standardization

With our innovative, intuitive, reliable, and quality platform, we will help you manage and understand your compendium of collected data in the most effective and lucrative way.

  • 40 years of combined experience
  • Efficiency and cost reduction, it is a platform that does not require the subcontracting of personnel in data management to obtain the best results.
  • Consulting with our data management experts
  • Diligent and dedicated project managers
  • Personalized assistance
  • 97% accuracy
  • Between 60-75% reduction in costs
  • Intuitive, flexible and technologically advanced platform
  • Platform expandable and adaptable to all your needs
  • Strict quality controls

We want to know your needs in Data Management

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