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Empower your business decisions and marketing endeavors with our professional data Verification services.

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With Datos Maestros™ services boost Big Data initiatives in hours, with SaaS business models revolutionizing the Industry!

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Our Data Verification and Validation Services

Keep your data list up-to-date, accurate and relevant online with our Datos Maestros™ validation services

  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • 97% Accuracy in your data
  • Personalized service
  • Twice the speed in processing your data

An accurate database is directly related to better customer “reach” and more successful marketing campaigns. However, no matter how long the database is, the database will not work if the data is wrong, there is missing data, or unverified data.

This is where Business to Business (B2B) data validation comes in to solve those problems.

At Datos Maestros™ we offer a wide range of Data verification and validation services, designed to streamline your operational efficiency:







Digital Media





Human Resources

Data Verification and Validation: A great enabler for companies around the world

Lead lists are an amazing marketing tool, but they require high levels of data accuracy and relevance. Building an effective database involves in-depth knowledge of the “target audience”, the main “influencers” of the chosen market, and the main attractiveness factors of your products or services.

When lead lists are well implemented, they can add a lot of value to your business.

Data validation is a critical component of the B2B lead creation process. You can get to amplify the cost-benefit utility of your data.

  • Carry out your advertising campaigns type “e-mail marketing” in a more effective way
  • Get in direct contact with the important decision makers in the companies you are targeting with your marketing
  • Improve campaign success rates while reducing costs and time
  • Get a large, clean and multipurpose database
  • Amplify the return on investment “ROI” of your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Get better operational efficiency in your company

What are the advantages of using Datos Maestros™ for your Data Validation?

Old addresses and emails, out-of-service phone numbers, prospects that don’t match the “target user” profile, your company will end up wasting time and money trying to find, sort and optimize your useful contact groups.

On the contrary, if you choose a reputable data validation service provider, such as Datos Maestros™, the benefits for your company will continue to accrue!

  • Quick identification of anomalies
  • Technology support with smart tools
  • Availability of qualified resources
  • Optimized productivity in your projects
  • Highly Improved Data Accuracy

Get global Data Validation services with Datos Maestros™

What is your top priority? conversions? Have a greater range? Cost effectiveness? Sales? Connect with your customers? Send personalized and targeted ads to your most important potential customers?

Our data validation services give you the freedom and ability to do all that, with CUBO iQ your current and existing email lists are reviewed for inaccuracies and inefficiencies, so your processes are verified, your data validated, and their yields are increased.

Explore our wide range of Data Validation Services:

Lead list validation

We support your initiatives in building Business-to-Business (B2B) lists with in-depth quality controls. Every account and search input is validated twice to ensure correct results.

CRM Data Validation

We create and apply very specific data validation logic, one that matches your user profile, and then filter it through CRM to eliminate all inaccuracies.

Contact data type "Business to Business" (B2B) Validation

Every email ID, phone number and mailing address is checked by our specialists. We verify the authority and correctness of this data and match it to your market segment.

corporate data type "Business to Business" (B2B) Validation

When you want to target your corporate accounts, it is crucial to give appropriate contact details to your market leaders and decision makers.

URLs IP Validation

URLs can expire, become inactive, or become obsolete. Having these links in your database can put your marketing efforts at risk. We fix this by manually reviewing and updating all those URLs.

IP Validation

Through a foolproof IP validation process, we geolocate your visitors, identify their proxy usage, and record any mismatch between that visitor’s IP address by comparing it to the freely available IP address information already provided.

Improve your conversions and ROI with our Data validation services

Accurate sales listings! This is what our data validation service is all about, when you delegate data verification/validation services to Datos Maestros™ we make it our mission to improve the quality of your data.

There are no missed opportunities, no wasted resources!

How can we help?

Good data management is what makes the difference in our competitive world market. Using your data wisely is just as important as looking for bugs in your data processing system. When both are completed successfully, the data turns out to be consistent and useful, thus adding value to your endeavors. Datos Maestros™ will help you do just that!

Our data verification and validation methods catapult your sales landscape by marshalling your data for deeper value extraction, which improves your “good find” ability.

By taking advantage of our fact-checking services, you get custom B2B email list solutions at a reasonable cost and twice the usual speed.

  • 40 years of combined experience.
  • Between 60-75% reduction in costs
  • Corporate-grade data processing
  • B2B data validation
  • ISO certified processes
  • Flexible pricing models

Frequently asked questions about our B2C and B2B services:

In simple words, data validation is a tool used to cleanse databases of inaccuracies, inefficiencies, and inconsistencies.

When this process is employed in a corporate database, it will help you achieve many of your goals with ease.

  • Accurate sales data
  • Defects in projects are mitigated
  • Better profitability
  • Increase in your business reputation

In addition, data validation services can help your company obtain cost-benefit benefits.

DatosMaestros™ offers you: 

  • A better understanding of your market segment
  • Collection of data points at the corporate and contact level
  • Data enrichment and quality checks
  • Database organization and restructuring services

Data validation services offer several short-term and long-term benefits for B2B marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Better data relevance
  • Accurate and up-to-date contact details
  • High rates of contact capacity
  • Better deliverability
  • Top business reputation
  • High quality integration
  • Saving time and effort

The Datos Maestros™ team guarantees 100% confidentiality in the handling of your data. To reinforce the security of your data, our platform employs various protocols and access controls.

DatosMaestros™ offers a wide variety of data validation services, including personalized consulting options depending on your needs.

  • Lead Validation
  • CRM data validation
  • Validation of contact lists
  • IP Validation
  • URL validation
  • Corporate data validation

Use Datos Maestros™ for your needs and requirements in Data Verification and Validation

With our innovative, intuitive, reliable, and quality platform, we will help you manage and understand your compendium of collected data in the most effective and lucrative way.

  • 40 years of combined experience.
  • Efficiency and cost reduction, it is a platform that does not require the outsourcing of personnel in data management to obtain the best results.
  • Consulting with our data management experts
  • Diligent and committed project managers
  • personalized assistance
  • 97% accuracy in Data Master
  • Between 60-75% reduction in costs
  • Intuitive, flexible and technologically advanced platform
  • Platform expandable and adaptable to all your needs
  • Strict quality controls

We want to know your needs in Data Management

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