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Let us do the dirty work. Inaccurate, unstandardized CRM  full of duplicates can kill drives Analyze, refine, and build your customer journey with a 360 single customer view ​​of your most valuable asset

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Marketing, sales, and customer service teams can be paralyzed by a “dirty” customer relationship management (CRM) system. Everyone slows down when the information they require is rendered useless by the accumulation of inaccuracies in their data.

Potential customers incorrectly fill out forms on your website. Based on the most accurate information they can find, business development representatives add contacts to their database. As these leads are built, the marketing team records and aggregates information, and the sales team calls leads more than once, updating the information as it is collected.

What is CRM data cleansing?

CRM Data Cleansing increases the quality of the data in your CRM database. Ensure the accuracy of all contact information, allowing you to personalize and enhance your marketing efforts.

Clean CRM data will allow your marketing teams to focus on engaging with leads instead of wasting time creating emails or making calls that will be lost or misdirected to your efforts.

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CRM Data Cleansing

What is the real challenge of CRM Data Cleansing?

Giving true meaning to your database is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Unfortunately, the problem is more significant than a dashboard can show. More than 55% of CRM experts clean these databases weekly or monthly. 70% of specialists spend at least an hour cleaning CRM data daily, and more than 30% spend more than 4 hours a week dedicated to this function.

How to clean your CRM Client data?

Cleaning your dirty customer data can take time, even more so if you do it on your own; Depending on the size of your CRM lists, doing it manually is probably not possible, the good news is that you can clean and keep clean with CUBO iQ, relieving the tension that may be generated in your company. Regardless of the path you select, understanding the data cleansing procedure and the actions you need to consider to clean it is critical to getting 100% effective data.

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Duplicate prevention in data quality.

Incomplete and incorrect data can cost businesses both revenue and productivity, which is why data cleansing is essential. Our solutions comprehensively and consistently detect dirty and disparate data, clean up duplicates, and prevent further data entry using a data monitoring tool.

Duplicate Prevention prevents all duplicates from harming your CRM web forms, list imports, and manual entry, allowing business managers to make regular and consistent corrections to their CRM databases with a single source of truth ruling your CRM.

Get a Single Customer View Now

A poorly implemented data governance strategy in any organization can lead to disaster. A dirty, inaccurate and duplicated CRM makes its correct use impossible, which leads to a lower performance in the organization.

Data standardization and harmonization is an essential part of CRM maintenance for marketing and promotional purposes and getting the most out of your CRM

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Migración de Datos

CRM Data Migration

As time progresses, innovation in platforms do to, minimizing decentralized systems, uneven in scheme, varieties in nomenclature, duplicates and information necessary for the improvement of complete, normalized, homogenized and structured data.

Migrating from system X to a better system Y can be a complex and arduous task. Let Datos Maestros™ give you a hand to migrate your data to the next best CRM and save time and money!

What consequences can poor CRM data have?

Any contact engagements you have, through marketing or sales reps, will be faulty if your CRM database contains inaccurate data. For example, if someone filled out a contact form incorrectly and chose Mr. instead of Ms., it would be suspicious if you addressed that person as Mr. Sally Smith in your email advertising. They will probably forget that they submitted your information incorrectly and simply mark your business as spam. People want to read content that suits them, but doing it the wrong way will undermine their authority.

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Bad data can significantly affect the ROI of your marketing operations. According to IBM, poor data costs the US economy $3.1 trillion a year! In addition, inaccurate data can lead to:

  • Unsuccessful marketing initiatives
  • Negative views of the company
  • Not being able to personalize or maximize your marketing efforts
  • Countless hours of efforts spent
  • Mishandling of sensitive data
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How can CUBO iQ® software help you manage your CRM data quality?

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Why choose Datos Maestros™ for your data quality initiative?

“Datos Maestros” is spanish for Master Data and thats all we know. With over 40 years of combined experience, accross 40 countries and more than 400 system integrations under our belt, we have seen the good the bad and the ugly. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about data quality.

Why pay more for less, our unicorn business model allows a one man band and small to medium companies pay on the go, with credits or our pay per match check out options. For the the big dogs we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and can count on the best bang for your buck with guaranteed lowest price without loosing our Fortune 500 memory.

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CUBO iQ offers the following added values:

Put your customers first

See a complete view of your customers’ interactions, preferences and attitudes so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience! 

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Data CRM Cleansing

CRM Data Cleaning (Data Sheet)

How can I perform the Data Cleanup of my CRM? Learn more about it here, download now for free.

Integration with your pre-existing tools and software :

We integrate enriched data with your preexisting tools and workflow for your team to have easy to access data that is processable and that yields real measurable results. 

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