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Our solution analyzes huge datasets hubs and silos to uncover fuzzy match issues that other  solutions miss, allowing you to spot problem, anomalies and perform impact analysis

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Our Master Data Management technology helps find and troubleshoot Single Client View with fuzzy matching algorithms for MDM

Low quality data sources

According to a study published by the Data Warehousing Institute, the two most important challenges facing companies that implement MDM solutions are data quality management and decentralized disparate data sources.

In that same study, it is estimated that 40% of the companies incurred losses, problems or costs as a result of poor data quality. The study also indicates that about 43% of companies may also have experienced similar problems, but failed to detect that problem. Sources with low data quality are varied, as shown in the following graph:

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The effect of poor data quality

What is master data management (MDM)?

Master data refers to attributes such as product name, description, and dimensions. Information about each order, such as order number and quantity which constitutes transactional data.

A customizable attribute like credit level can be calculated using transactional data and updated more frequently than a static attribute like customer name. All in all, it can be considered master data, because it is a descriptive element of who the customer is, similar to their address or income level.

Software tools for MDM data quality

Although a good data quality program is the result of proper management of people and processes, technological tools also play an important role. Many companies perform data cleansing tasks with homegrown tools, SQL programs, or limited tools included in ETL products. Let CUBO iQ get 80% of the job done in a matter of clicks!

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Expected Functionality of Our MDM Data Quality Tools:

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Data profiling:

Examine data that is stored within each organization and collect statistics, information and errors about them with the aim of reducing risks when integrating new applications and achieving your proposed data quality metrics.

Smart Dictionaries

Normalize the repetition of groups and minimize redundancies in disparate nomenclature and optimize searches and increase the reliability of information with machine learning business rules.

Batch or Real Time Processing:

Invoke smart triggers and streamline processes with and streamline processes and impact analysis connecting to third party sources consolidating data repositories or data lakes in a breeze.

Super Sonic Data Matching Engine

Enhance your fuzzy matching accuracy with our CUBO iQ matching engine fixing old and catching new issues allowing you to intake new data efficiently and get the ultimate single customer view.

With CUBO iQ achieve MDM objectives in a matter of clicks

  • Improve an organization’s ability to quickly adjust to changing business requirements.
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Empower business processes
  • Increase data quality
  • Improve efficiency in information management
  • Enabling broader and more complex data integration
  • Eliminate redundant tasks in data management
  • Improve the decision-making process
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MDM challenges CUBO iQ can solve

  • Inability to reduce purchasing management costs
  • Provider’s lack of interest in knowing the customer in detail and being able to make the right offer, which has a negative impact on the ability to create long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers.
  • Lack of consistent data, coupled with poor data management, means that the data does not reach the strategic units on time, which does not allow the company’s changing needs to be anticipated
  • Data warehouses prevent sharing of the right information with customers, partners, vendors, and more, leading to an inability to collaborate on key business goals
  • Inability to modify or design new processes
  • Rigid connections to data sources impede innovation and differentiation
  • High integration costs with other disparate data silos or hubs
  • Lack of a shared technological infrastructure

Does my company need an MDM audit?

The person in the organization who needs the project to be executed could be the person most affected by poor data quality or the IT person who wants to introduce this improvement in the organization (project motivator) This is the first step of an master data management implementation. If not done right the problems can haunt for years

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CUBO iQ® MDM Benefits:

Make data based decisions now

See a complete view of your data repositories, data warehouses, data lakes with interactions, preferences, and attitudes so you can deliver an exceptional MDM experience! 

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Data MDM Audit Sheet

How can I obtain an optimal MDM Audit in my company? Learn more about it here, download now for free.

Integration with your pre-existing tools and software :

We integrate enriched data with your preexisting tools and workflow for your team to have easy to access data that is processable and that yields real measurable results. 

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