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Consolidate your data into a single 360° customer view that is constantly being fed by all the various sources that play a part in the different stages of your business journey, such as company, product, and service wise interactions.

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We make a process that is otherwise complex become fast, accurate and successful!

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Based on all our years of experience and having worked with Fortune 500 companies, we affirm and conclude that acquiring a 360° Single Customer View is a necessary challenge, one that can be complicated by data quality issues. With CUBO iQ® , our Data Matching engine, you will be able to combine and capitalize on your customers’ “digital fingerprints” in order to boost your organization’s 360° Customer initiative.

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Why would you want a 360° customer view?

Customer loyalty is crucial for a company’s success, and in order to foster it, businesses need a thorough grasp of how their clients interact with them. It is challenging to provide an accurate 360-degree customer perspective (or single view of consumers), which includes their purchasing habits, channel preferences, and purchase histories, especially when doing business internationally. Key consumer data is frequently incomplete, inaccurate, out-of-date, or kept in many systems and formats. Therefore, it is essential to implement data quality processes to standardize, clean, and match incoming data in order to promote efficient customer engagement and guarantee that people participating in customer interactions have access to all the necessary information.

Why is a client 360 view important?

An organization simply cannot govern its operations if it cannot control its data. The fight against change never ends. A shifting target is challenging to hit. Names of places, streets, and persons change frequently. Marriage, divorce, name changes, and death all happen to people.

The difficulties don’t end there: People now communicate with your company across more channels and locations thanks to the rise of social media, and some even connect through multiple channels at once. You can never acquire insights based on the most precise, accurate, and current data without the proper tools.

why is a customer 360 view important?
what are the benefits to data matching tools?

What are the benefits to a 360-degree view of the customer?


Companies constantly start big, only to fail early. It is highly recommended for you to start this project with a smart and manageable target.  For example, if you want to launch a loyalty badge service for your 1000 most loyal customers, classified according to the number of years and the services they have benefited from. This seemingly small goal will be very time consuming, as you will have to review your data to gather the list of all those 1,000 customers. This is where the hurdles of dealing with duplicates and mismatched data arise and cause delays. Join  

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How can CUBO iQ® software help you create a customer 360 view the right way?

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Why choose Datos Maestros™ for your Customer 360 view initiative?

“Datos Maestros” is spanish for Master Data and thats all we know. With over 40 years of combined experience, accross 40 countries and more than 400 system integrations under our belt, we have seen the good the bad and the ugly. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about data quality.

Why pay more for less, our unicorn business model allows a one man band and small to medium companies pay on the go, with credits or our pay per match check out options. For the the big dogs we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and can count on the best bang for your buck with guaranteed lowest price without loosing our Fortune 500 memory.

SaaS Models (pay-per-find) • Monthly • Annual • Rent Software by the Hour

CUBO iQ® Customer 360 View software ingredients:

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CUBO iQ® (SCV) Single Customer View automation for your real time needs:

Getting clean is the first step in data cleansing process the next challenge is staying clean. With our business automation integration reap the following benefits:

  • Stay up to date 24/7: monitor onmichannel ETL workflows in real or scheduled batch approaches.
  • Master record rule maker:  keep data golden with our automatic update or overwrite business rules with fuzzy matching in real time.
  • Update/Overwrite: Automatically update or overwrite values within matching groups and stay duplicate free. 
  • Quick removal tool: Instantly delete all matching, non-matching, or selected records or send to conflict resolution holding tables.
  • Powerful merging tool:  merge and purge your data on its way to Fortune 500 data quality bliss. 
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How can I get a single customer view of my company? Learn more about it here, download now for free.

Integration with your pre-existing tools and software:

We integrate enriched data with your preexisting tools and workflow for your team to have easy to access data that is processable and that yields real measurable results. 

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