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Portada Caso Uso Gobierno Transporte Transportation Use Case

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Company Profile

The TPO is the independent regional transportation planning agency for 4 counties. They direct their efforts in planning, financing, and mobilizing resources to develop and maintain our transportation system.

Business use case

Description: Make the status of traffic signals visible so that drivers can choose the correct speed to maintain their position within the road corridor

Benefits: Reduce stops along the corridors, which implies less fuel consumption and its emissions

Strategy: Signal status information is available in real time in an open database, allowing industry standards to include the data in their apps – Develop a campaign to encourage app usage

Vehicle and infrastructure based data: Signaling systems poll for data every second.

Local/regional communications network (data management): Signaling systems present data via one-way communication to the regional data environment.

Data integration and distribution (“Data Analysis”): Developers include the data in their applications

Actionable information (informed decision): Drivers make a decision about their speed in the corridor that allows them to improve travel times

The company handles music licensing for many of today’s top artists. Managing all the platforms your customers’ music plays on is a daunting task due to the popularity of the artists.

Every month, the company receives millions of playlists from all platforms, from Pandora and Spotify to the thousands of radio stations in the country and around the world. These playlists include artist names, song titles, and the number of times the song in question has been played.

The problem is that with so many different platforms, they receive the data in all different formats. Some names may be abbreviated or there may be punctuation errors. It’s critical to match all data accurately because that’s how you pay your customers. The company used Excel, which is not only time consuming, but not always accurate. If the company were to lose a client due to inaccuracies, it could cost them a considerable amount due to the potentially high profile of the client.


The Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) uses a variety of data in transport planning, sensors of Origin and destination of the trip, which are part of our program of intelligent transportation systems, collect data on the travel time:

• Traffic counts measure traffic volumes in comparison with road capacity
• Census data provide demographic information
• Accident reports provide information for develop security initiatives
• Environmental data measures air quality, assesses the impacts of transportation, to develop strategies for mitigation
• Surveys collect the opinions of the public
• Geographic Information Systems show the data in map format

Make the status of traffic signals visible so that drivers acquire a correct speed and maintain their position within the road corridor.

Our Solution!

To ensure coordinated planning of these technologies, devices and evolving processes, the Transportation Planning Organization led the formation of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Coalition (ITS) in 2006 and produced the first ITS Master Plan in 2007. By 2010, updated this Master Plan to assess the achievements of ITS: identify, prioritize and plan future technologies according to the needs of ITS.

Have established the value of data collection for planning long-term, as well as real-time traffic management, deploying more advanced devices and coordinating the exchange of data with the Opening of the Time Tracking and Control Software in 2015.

Reducing the stops along the corridors implies less consumption of fuel and its emissions.


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Alimenta a su vez Departamento de Educación, Transporte e Impuestos

Working with stakeholders from across agencies and industries, the TPO developed a smart region vision in 2016. The resulting master plan became the starting point for forming the Smart North Florida Coalition.

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